What Impact Does Childcare Services Have On Growth?

The Impact of Child Care Services on Young Children

We know that enrolling your child in a daycare centre is not an easy decision to make. Every parent desires to be close to their little one, watching them grow up and be there for them. But work, studies and other duties always push us to our limits, making childcare services the only option left for many parents.

However, that is not the only purpose childcare centres serve. Watching over your child is only part of what they do. Today, we show the impact a good childcare centre has on your child, particularly when it comes to growth.

Physical Advancement

We cannot speak about growth in young children without mentioning the physical aspect. Every parent wishes to see their child have better physical growth. Lack of it could be a sign of underlying problems.
Even though children grow at different paces, that does not mean you cannot control the growth rate . Childcare services providers contribute to the growth of your child by putting them in an environment that supports physical development.

To begin with, your child will play with peers, a privilege they cannot enjoy at home. The more they are the merrier it becomes, keeping your child active for a long period of time.

Childcare centres also have ample space for outdoor games which are known to exercise your child’s body thus enhancing growth.

Games such as water and sand play strengthen your child’s muscles, gives them coordination and polishes their motor skills. Outdoor play also gives your child adequate access to Vitamin D from the sun which is necessary for strong teeth and bones.

Academic Progress

Various studies have shown that taking your child to a good childcare enter boosts their academic performance. A huge percent of children who attend childcare have a brighter future than their counterparts. But how does that come around?

Childcare services providers invest in quality early childhood education. In a childcare centre, your child learns basic numeracy and literacy skills at a convenient age. This means your child has a timely introduction to math, science and other subjects.

Also, the caregivers in these facilities are well trained and administer essential skills to children under their care. You will notice that your child can count, tell colour and shapes apart and even read simple sentences within no time.
Other than performing well in class, children who go through daycare rarely suffer from behavioural problems. This is mostly because of the foundation put in place by quality early childhood education.

Language And Communication

Communication skills play a huge role in one’s life. It is through great communication skills that one can secure a job, avoid getting into trouble with colleagues and make significant progress in other areas of life.
Although we communicate differently as individuals, our communications skills vary. Some people perform so poorly in this. It is always evident in how they speak, interact with other people and approach various situations in life.

Poor communications skills have in part been attributed to early childhood experiences. At a young age when one learns to communicate, it is important they receive proper guidance. Nothing does this better than childcare services.
Your child needs to refine their language and communication skills while they are still young. And you can easily achieve that by enrolling them in a good child care centre. Such an environment boosts your child’s language through interactions.

While in session, your child talks and listens to their peers and caregivers. This gives them adequate exposure to listening and speaking. With time, your child is able to express themselves without shying off or being too aggressive.

An Easier Transition To School

Even though you might not think about it now, a time will come when your child has to join school. The transition is always tougher for children who come straight from home. Having to deal with so many new things at a go often takes a toll on them.

The first week or month, depending on your child’s adaptability, could be hell as they try to fit in the schedules and adapt to the environment. Having strict times to do everything including meals could be hectic for them.
The disorientation is so bad that some kids never recover. Instead, they have a bad attitude towards school and everything related.

Here’s the good news. You do not have to put your child through that. With proper childcare services, your child will be well prepared to join school.

At every best childcare centre, children are taken through friendlier schedules similar to those of a school. And through games and other fun activities, they get used to being around other people who are not family members. Also, they get used to waking up and having meals at specific times and even staying still during a learning session.

Cognitive Development

How we process and interpret information majorly depends on our cognitive abilities. People with great cognitive skills have a better understanding of the world around them. You can count on them to make sound decisions.
Well, this applies to your child now and in future. Since intellectual growth is gradual, you can introduce them to various activities that promote progress. Quality childcare services walk your child through discovery stages, broadening their minds.

Through activities such as board games and drawing, your child begins to understand their environment. Telling and listening to stories further equips them with the knowledge necessary for problem-solving and critical thinking.
After a while in a great childcare centre, your child can independently analyze a situation. Their memory gets better while they develop a dependable attention span from activities such as listening to and making music.
In addition, playing outside with peers stimulates multiple senses in your child, boosting their imagination.

Childcare services evidently benefit your child in more than one way. Getting the right child care ensures a steady growth in your child both physically and intellectually. It also promises them an easier time when they finally join school. Therefore, take your time and evaluate the options at your disposal so that your child gets the best early childhood education experience.


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