Early Learning Programs

Our Early Childhood Learning Program is based purely on the Early Years Learning Framework, where our vision of children is, they are confident, capable individuals with the ability to reach their learning potential. We highly value family feedback and suggestions to ensure our practise reflects what you value.

We give children open-learning opportunities to expand their mindset and have them think about the world around them. Our Lakemba Early Childhood Centre encourages and supports children to build strong, social, and emotional wellbeing to equip them with confident and knowledgeable personalities.

We factor in regular excursions, Arabic and Quran learning, Preschool programs and continued collaborative learning opportunities, especially that of family groupings, to ensure we are responsive to children’s continued needs. Our Lakemba Early Learning Centre embeds language, culture, and religion within our service to show respect, acknowledgement, and support to our local community groups.

Tailored Growth and Interactive Discovery

At Sunny Kids Childcare, we recognise each child’s inherent potential and strive to cater to their individual learning styles and interests. Our early learning programs in Lakemba are meticulously designed to provide a personalised educational journey, ensuring both academic excellence and personal development.

Our dynamic and interactive environments serve as a playground for curiosity, enabling children to explore, inquire and connect with the world around them. This approach ensures that learning becomes an exciting adventure tailored to each child’s pace and interests, fostering a robust foundation for future learning endeavours.

Ensuring a Safe and Nurturing Environment

At Sunny Kids Childcare, the safety and emotional well-being of our children are our top priorities. Our comprehensive approach includes rigorous staff selection and ongoing training to ensure every team member meets our high standards for care and education.

  • Staff qualifications and training

Our educators are not only qualified but passionate about early childhood development. They undergo regular training in first aid, emergency response and child protection to stay updated with the latest safety protocols.

  • A secure environment

We maintain a secure, welcoming space where children feel safe to explore and learn. Our facilities are designed with child safety in mind, featuring secure entry systems and child-friendly equipment.

  • Emotional support

We believe in supporting not just the intellectual growth of our children but their emotional development, too. Our educators are trained to provide compassionate care, fostering a sense of belonging and resilience.

Start your child’s learning adventure with Sunny Kids

Ready to give your child a head start in their education? Explore the early learning programs in Lakemba offered by Sunny Kids Childcare. Our commitment to fostering a nurturing and stimulating environment ensures your child’s growth and happiness. Connect with us today to secure a brighter future for your little one.

Our Programs
Our Programs