What Makes Our Early Learning Centre A Different Childcare In Lakemba?


Early learning and childcare centre in Lakemba

In your search for childcare in Lakemba, you will rarely miss reviews from parents about our centre being the best childcare provider in the area.  These are actually testimonies from many parents whose children passed through our caregivers. To understand that this is not a mere campaign or PR exercise, we show you in detail what sets us apart from the other childcare providers near you. Keep reading to learn.

We Have An Approved Learning Program

Even though supervision is what comes to your mind when you hear the word child care, there are so many other interesting things your child can gain from our Lakemba children’s centre.

Top on this list is quality early childhood education. We follow the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), which is a state-approved program designed to equip your child with essential cognitive and social skills. Our caregivers are familiar with the specifics of this program and will help your child gain the most from it. To top it up, we incorporate fun in learning where we have themes and outdoor activities like excursions to further teach your child about their environment.

We Are Age Considerate

Do you worry that you have to go back to work and your child is still too young? We understand this and our doors are open to children of all ages, including toddlers and infants. 

You can walk into our Lakemba child care facility and witness the different levels of attention we offer in order to cover the needs of children placed in our care.  We have put up separate rooms for children of different ages to ensure they get exclusive attention and care designed for their needs.

We also know very well that your child’s needs change as they grow. Our caregivers will adjust the programs and activities to match your child’s changing needs.

We Have An Open Door Policy

Do you ever feel like you cannot survive a day without seeing or interacting with your little one? Well, you are not alone and we totally understand it. 

We know the level of anxiety first-time parents deal with when they enrol their children for the first time in daycare. That is why we have an open-door policy that allows you to come in at any time of the day and interact with your child. 

You can even take your child away for a short period if you want to. Before you ask about it, we have measures and policies in place to ensure no other person apart from you and those you have authorised can take your child way. 

Plenty Of Outdoor Activities

Your child’s physical health majorly depends on the activities they engage in. It is important that they have enough space to play with their peers. At our child centre in Lakemba, this is what we prioritise, among other facilities and activities that promote physical health. 

We know that physical activities strengthen your child’s muscles, give them balance and boost their motor and gross coordination. To support this, we have set aside a large area where your child and their peers can engage in many activities such as beneficial water and sand play.

Our caregivers and educators have many play ideas they can gladly share with you if you want to play with your child at home.

Our Caregivers Are Simply The Best

We know that every parent wants to leave their child in the best hands. That is why we only hire trained experienced caregivers who are passionate about taking care of children. In our Lakemba early learning centre, you will find them playing and interacting with children while attending to their needs just as you would want.  

Our caregivers completely understand the need for close supervision for young children and are heavily invested in their child’s health and safety. We carefully vet them before hiring and conduct thorough background checks to ensure they have good records.

These are just some of the things that make our Lakemba childcare centre different from other childcare providers. We also have well-established policies which we will happily share with you to show our accountability. To find out more about our services, visit or call us today.


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