Preparation Tips For The First Day In A Daycare Centre

First Day In A Daycare Centre

Childcare is an option many of us parents have to consider at one point. Especially when it is time to resume work, studies or other engagements. Now, a common mistake many of us make is not preparing for our child’s first day in a daycare centre.

Not doing that could see both you and your child end up stressed. Early preparation not only makes things easy for both of you but also keeps your child from being too anxious. If you are wondering how to prepare for your child’s first day in a daycare centre, we have you covered.

In this article, we share some tips that will not only reduce the constant worry but also have your child mentally calm.

Talk To Your Child About Their Daycare Centre

Imagine how it would feel if someone picked you up from your home office, dumped you in an unfamiliar place then left without communication. Sounds horrible, right?

Well, children feel an experience close to this when they join a daycare centre without notice. First of all, they are away from their home for the first time. And every other place they look is filled with strangers.

Even worse, they have no idea if they will ever see you again. This feeling affects them so bad that some never warm up to childcare and school even after growing up.

Do you see where I am going with this? It’s very vital that your child understands what a daycare centre is. Let them know why they need to be in one.  Start doing this early enough to allow your child time to process the information. And make sure you respond to all their curious inquiries too.

Visit The Daycare Centre Together

It helps if your child accompanies you to their soon-to-be daycare centre before the actual day. First, they won’t be afraid when you eventually enrol them. That is because they know they will see you at the end of the day.

Seeing their learning areas, playing stations and even other kids at the facility builds familiarity. They are excited to come back again and enjoy playing like they see their peers do.

If you want to make it colourful, talk about the great things you observe on your way. This way, your child will have many great memories to think about while attending childcare.

Interact With Caregivers At The Daycare Centre

It is so natural for children to copy adults around them. If anything, that is how they grow up. Therefore, expect your child to like the things you love. Also, they will want to talk to people you talk to. This means they will be eager to interact with their caregivers if they think they are your friends.

Here’s why this matters. Your child will settle in a daycare centre faster if they are comfortable around the caregivers. If they see you treat the caregivers as strangers, they will not readily interact with them. And this not only spoils their attitude towards learning but also keeps them from learning efficiently.

Buy Your Stuff Early Enough

Find out early enough what your child needs before joining a daycare centre. Thereafter, go shopping for the items. It is highly recommended that you bring your child along as part of the familiarisation process.

Not buying the items early enough could disorient your child. Imagine them not having lunch boxes, warm clothing or age-appropriate stationery. In fact,  you may end up damaging their perception of daycare thus ruining their academic progress.

Ask your childcare provider for advice on where to purchase. After buying, label everything so as to prevent unnecessary losses. You can have fun while at it by allowing your child to help. It makes them feel better that they now own ‘valuable stuff.

Even though children adapt to situations at different paces, your child is better off when you prepare adequately. Prevent your child from having a nasty first-day experience in their daycare centre by taking these tips into consideration. Help them look forward positively to their next step. This is good for both you and their understanding of the whole process.


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