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At Sunny Kids Childcare, we’re committed to providing reliable and high-quality daycare in Belmore. Our focus is on creating a secure, engaging and nurturing environment where your children can safely grow and learn.

Personalised care and education

We recognise that each child is unique, with their own interests, abilities and pace of learning. Our dedicated educators are committed to providing personalised attention, ensuring every child receives the support they need to thrive. 

Being a trusted daycare in Belmore, our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to cater to various developmental stages, incorporating a wide range of activities that promote cognitive, physical, social and emotional development. From interactive storytelling and creative arts to sensory play and foundational literacy and numeracy skills, we provide a well-rounded educational experience that prepares children for the next stages of their learning journey.

Safe and stimulating environment

Creating a safe, welcoming and stimulating environment is the cornerstone of our approach at Sunny Kids Childcare in Belmore. Our facilities are built with children’s safety and security in mind, featuring child-friendly equipment and secure play areas that meet all regulatory standards. 

Beyond safety, we strive to stimulate children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning through a variety of engaging environments. Whether it’s exploring our outdoor play areas, participating in group activities or engaging in quiet reading time, children are encouraged to explore their interests and develop new skills in a supportive setting. Our aim is to foster a lifelong love for learning by providing a balance of structured activities and free play, encouraging children to be active learners.

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Find The Right Childcare in Belmore

Any seasoned parent will tell you that finding the right childcare in Belmore for your child is not easy. It’s a task that requires plenty of effort and time. It is even more challenging when you do not have reliable information to guide you on the search. 

You will have to sort through many options, evaluating and vetting each of them to find the perfect fit. You will also have to put into consideration quite a number of factors in your hunt. In this guide, we will provide you with essential steps to consider as you set out to look for the best childcare in Belmore.

How to find the right childcare in Belmore

1. Explore enriching activities offered in the Belmore childcare centre

It is very important for you to know the kind of childcare your child will be exposed to in your absence. Belmore child care centres offer different kinds of programmes and activities. You need to be on the lookout for those that offer activities that are friendly to your child based on their age. Examples include: 

  • Brain development activities

Studies have proven that quality early education is extremely valuable in the first five years of a child’s life. It lays a foundation for a lifetime of learning. As such, your chosen childcare in Belmore should be able to offer activities that contribute to your child’s development and growth. 

Find out if they value each child’s individual needs and interests. Do they treat them with respect and love? In such an environment, your child can be themselves, explore and learn many things that contribute to their overall developmental growth. 

  • School preparedness

Your choice of childcare in Belmore should have a plan on how they will make your child’s transition to school seamless. Normally, a good childcare centre should introduce children who are approaching school-going age to simple calculations and basic language tips. 

Children who attend childcare tend to have a great headstart compared to their counterparts coming directly from home when it is time to join the school. They can socialise better and make new friends faster.

When it comes to schoolwork, they tend to grasp things at a faster pace as they have basic foundational knowledge.

2. Evaluate the safety and emergency measures in the Belmore childcare centre

Accidents can happen anywhere, even at home. Belmore childcare centres are not an exception. As a parent, you want the assurance that your young one will be safe in case of emergencies. 

All the best childcare in Belmore have in place measures aimed at reducing accidents and keeping your child healthy at all times. In addition, they have clear emergency guidelines for all types of unfortunate situations. 

You can tell a facility has proper safety and emergency measures by examining the following aspects: 

  • Hygiene and proper waste disposal

Hygiene is key for any facility, especially those caring for children. Dirty facilities with poor waste disposal pose a health risk to your child. Children, at times, are unaware of about the dangers that lurk on dirty surfaces. They are more likely to come into contact withsome of the dirt and unfortunately fall ill.

Great childcare in Belmore always keeps their surfaces clean and disinfected. Also, they teach children the importance of cleaning their hands, especially after visiting washrooms and before eating. 

In addition, they have waste bins placed prominently in the lpay rooms and outdoors . Some go the extra mile to teach the young ones how to make use of them. 

  • Emergency preparedness and  evacuation plans

As mentioned earlier, accidents are unpredictable and sometimes inevitable. They can happen anywhere, including in the childcare facilities. 

You can tell childcare in Belmore is good based on how well-prepared and equipped they are to deal with such emergencies. Do they have a clear evacuation plan? Are they well-designed and properly displayed for everyone in the facility to familiarise themselves? 

That aside, prepared childcare in Belmore will also have regular drills to practise what to do in an emergency. That’s in addition to stocked first aid kits in case a child suffers minor cuts or stings within the facility. 

  • Clear item storage policy

Your child may not understand the risks of touching and playing around with unknown items. They will eagerly put their hands in anything they come across and even want to taste the contents. This could lead to serious poisoning, especially when these contents are cleaning agents or other harmful substances.

Great childcare in Belmore needs to keep such items out of the children’s reach, if not under lock and key. The same applies to switches and sockets. Apart from that, they will have a clear guidelines on where your child should not go and what they should not touch. 

3. Evaluate the educators in Belmore childcare centres 

Even though you are not looking for your replacement, you obviously want your child to be in safe hands. Children will always need sufficient care and attention. And the best childcare in Belmore recognises the need for that. That is why they only hire skilled, experienced and qualified educatorsto look after your child. Here are the factors you should watch out for in this regard: 

  • Ratio of caregivers to children

You do not want a situation where your child’s educatoris overwhelmed andcranky. Look for childcare in Belmore that maintains a reasonable educator-to-child ratio to ensure that educatorscan comfortably interact with and attend to the needs of each child.

  • Experience and qualifications

Not all educatorsare required to have formal training. But those who do and are experienced are in a better position to take good care of your child. They will continue the good growth and development you started in your child. Apart from that, well-trained childcare providers understand the needs of children placed under them. They will equip them with essential skills that are vital for their future.

  • Attitude and compassion

Attitude is important when it comes to early childhood. Educatorswith a bad attitude should not be allowed near your child. They do more harm than good. Compassionate educators, on the other hand, boost the child’s morale. 

Visit the providers of childcare in Belmore in your list and carefully observe how staff interact with children and with each other. Use this opportunity to check their attitude towards work. Is it positive, or are they just in it for money?


Finding the right childcare in Belmore requires careful consideration of the activities they offer, safety procedures and emergency preparedness and the facility’s training and educators. Identify your kid’s needs and find the best potential providers of childcare in Belmore for your child’s growth and development.

Ready to set your child up for success? Get in touch with us at Sunny Kids Childcare, and we can help you find the best childcare in Belmore! We are the leading childcare provider in Lakemba, New South Wales, not far from Belmore, and we want you to have peace of mind that your child is in the best learning and nurturing environment in our community.

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