Daycare & Childcare Centre In Roselands

Discover the warmth of family-owned childcare in Roselands at the Sunny Kids Lakemba Early Learning Centre. With over ten years of experience, our dedicated professionals create a nurturing environment for young children.

Why choose Sunny Kids Lakemba for childcare in Roselands

We believe in creating a holistic, culturally diverse, home-like learning environment, the foundation for a child’s journey to becoming and belonging in Roselands.

Together with our multi-lingual staff, we embrace shared cultures, build friendships and establish trust within our Roselands community. Our principles lay the groundwork for children to become tomorrow’s leaders, respecting each child’s rights, ideas and pace of learning while embedding Arabic and Quran teachings.

At Sunny Kids Lakemba, child safety is paramount. We proactively embed child-safe practices, ensuring a secure environment for every child.

Community-driven daycare in Roselands

We understand the pivotal role of early childhood education in a child’s success. Our experienced educators collaborate with parents, aligning what we teach with your values at home. As a family-run daycare in Roselands, we prioritise a sense of community, fostering connections and staying updated with your child’s learning.

What we offer in Roselands

  • Baby and toddler groups (6 weeks to 3 years) — Fun play-based learning for developmental milestones.
  • Preschool program (3 to 5 years) — We promote self-independence, strong social bonds and emotional well-being, as well as essential learning that prepares children for future endeavours.
  • Daily meals — We provide nutritional meals accommodating all allergies and cultural preferences.
  • Extra-curricular activities — We hold regular excursions and incursions to enrich classroom learning, connecting with families, council groups and the local Roselands community.
  • Outdoor play — We enhance physical health, social learning and respect for the natural environment with activities outside.

Our programs not only provide an academic edge but also focus on building social skills and healthy behaviours for primary schooling years. We champion a multicultural education approach to ensure children feel secure in their Roselands community.

If you’re seeking holistic childcare or daycare in Roselands, we invite you to the Sunny Kids Lakemba Centre. Tour our space to ensure your child feels safe and comfortable on their first day. For any queries regarding childcare in Roselands, contact us.

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