Preschool Room ages 3.5-5 years

The preschool room is fully equipped with all the resources and learning materials we need to have your child’s learning through play achieved. We run a school readiness program on a daily basis to ensure each child is reaching their potential.

The complete school readiness program is available at the sign in desk for you to review. We also display the weekly curriculum at the front for you to read through daily.

We also offer Arabic and Quran classes weekly for those families who are interested. We engage a Diploma in Children Services qualified teacher, who has also completed her certificate in Communicative Language Teaching to come in twice a week to run the classes. Also following the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), the classes are play based allowing children to fully engage and interact so they learn while having fun.

The overall preschool program is a combination of indoor and outdoor play either in groups or individually. We aim to address the following skills:

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