Babies Room – ages 0-2 years

Before the age of 15 months, there are several milestones for each child.

Babies will begin to crawl, walk, use their hands to pick up items, start discovering their voice to say words and sounds, explore their surroundings, bond with other children, build relationships of trust between educators and so much more.

As the carers for your baby we understand how important it is for us to be prepared to nurture and care for your baby during this time of their life. Management and staff work hard to provide babies with the security, stability and support they require.

The baby room is setup with age appropriate toys, books, puzzles, musical instruments, art and craft activities, rockers and play equipment to stimulate the learning experience for babies. The baby outdoor play area is setup with a sand pit, vegetable garden, outdoor equipment and play mats to allow for a more versatile learning experience.

On a monthly basis, we keep record of observations, noting the various actions and abilities of children, their strengths and challenges. The activities are thereafter planned to further their skills and abilities, addressing any weaknesses and challenges. Observations are also available at the front or in each play room for you to look through when at the centre.

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