Active Play

Being active is an important aspect of children’s growth and development. At Sunny Kids we have embedded active play into our routines. Staff have been adequately trained by Munch N Move to enable us to further extend on children’s active play. Whether it’s a warming up exercising, a game of soccer at the park or some yoga in the afternoon, we are more than certain your child will enjoy being active.

Breast Feeding

At Sunny Kids, we welcome breastfeeding mothers to use our facilities. Be sure to ask for the Mother’s Room where you can relax, unwind and enjoy some quiet time.

Incursion / Excursion

To provide variety in our learning experiences, we frequently have incursions and excursions organised for our children. Permission notes are provided a few weeks prior to ensure all information has been well communicated. We strongly encourage our parents to also join us during our incursions/excursions.


We provide daily nutritional meals for your child as approved by the Department of Health. Our menu consists of breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late afternoon tea. Our menu is displayed upon entrance to the centre. All supplies are purchased locally and we guarantee all foods are 100% Halal. Children with allergies and special dietary requirements are also catered for accordingly. All meals are cooked and prepared at the centre daily. At no additional cost we will also cater for any food allergies your child may have.

Picking Up / Dropping Off

When you drop off and pick up your child you will need to sign in and out at the reception desk. Please complete a Collection Authority note (located at reception) if you have arranged for someone else to pick up your child. They must be over the ages of 18 and bring with them a form of ID

School Readiness Program

At Sunny Kids Childcare we aim to provide your child with the best possible education before their transition to school. We have therefore developed our own School Readiness Program ensuring we abide by the New South Wales Board of Studies syllabus. The Syllabus for English, Mathematics, Science & Technology, H.S.I.E, Creative Arts, Languages and Sports have all been implemented into your child’s individualized school readiness program.

The School Readiness Program is offered throughout the year to ensure that your child is given the maximum opportunities to learn new skills, as well as refine existing abilities. Every child at Sunny Kids will engage in this comprehensive program in their final year before school. We aim to support the development of each child, encourage their confidence and build their independent skills.

The School Readiness Program promotes interests and assists your child in becoming an active learner and provides opportunities for your child to develop to their full potential whilst having fun at the same time. Our educators will also talk with you about your child’s readiness to start school, and provide you with support to help them to develop their school readiness skills at home.

For more information about our program feel free to talk to the educational leader.


At our centres, our educators and children work together to learn about and promote the sustainable use of resources and to develop and implement sustainable practices. Our centres have an environmental strategy which is consistently implemented at the centre. This can include recycling, use of recycled resources, energy efficiency, water conservation and more.

Toilet Training

Once your child is ready to be toilet trained, we will gladly assist. It is important to ensure the same practises completed at the centre are also followed through at home to maintain consistency. Toilet training can be a stressful experience especially when accidents take place, however we can work together to reduce unnecessary stress and have your child nappy-free in the quickest time possible.

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